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Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

Some divorces involve pension and retirement plans. In those divorces, a specialized court order such as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) may be needed.

The Law Office of Christopher Haaff has the skill and experience to assist divorcing spouses determine the advantages and disadvantages of dividing retirement plans. We can help value the retirement benefits, review and prepare court papers to divide those retirement plans, and get the assets to which the spouse is entitled. The Law Office of Christopher Haaff has represented the spouses in divorces who have the retirement plans, and the other spouses who do not have the retirement plans but will receive portions of those plans. We have also assisted other attorneys dealing with retirement plans in divorce. We have worked on QDROs and other types of orders for 401(k) plans, pensions, and other retirement plans from private employers, labor unions, school systems, police and fire departments, and municipalities.

If you have a divorce with pension and retirement plans, contact The Law Office of Christopher Haaff.




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