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Adding to a family through adoption should be a very happy time. Adoption is also very complicated. Even the slightest mistake in the adoption process can have significant consequences.

The Law Office of Christopher Haaff has substantial experience with many adoptions in Illinois. Chris has worked on related adoptions, where one or both parents are related by blood or marriage to the child to be adopted, and on unrelated adoptions where the child has no blood or marriage connection to the adoptive parents. Chris has worked with families who seek to find children, or have found children, to adopt through agencies. The experience of The Law Office of Christopher Haaff also includes interstate (where the child is born in one state and the adoptive parents live in another state) and international (where the child is born in another country) adoptions.

In addition to representing adoptive parents, Chris serves as a guardian ad litem (GAL) in many McHenry County adoptions. As a GAL, he serves the best interest and welfare of the child to be adopted. He also reviews court papers to make sure they comply with all laws and rules.

Adoptions have many legal complexities. Potential adoptive parents should consult and retain an attorney experienced in adoption law. Contact The Law Office of Christopher Haaff about your adoption questions.




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Adding to a family through adoption should be a very...

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